Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why I train

 I train-
  • To help horses, especially the misunderstood ones
  • For the challenge
  • For the breakthroughs no matter how small in both horses and humans.
  • For the smiles of accomplishment and joy from a horse owner.
  • For the thrill of helping a fearful horse to relax, understand, and listen.
  • For the on top of the world feeling you get after a really great ride, especially after a few bad ones.
  • Because of how much you love and care about your horses.
  • For the joy of outlasting in a very stubborn horse with persistence and timing.
  • For the proud parent feeling you get when horses and people you know do great things.
  • The adrenalin rush you get on the first few rides.
  • Because no matter how much you accomplish there is still more to explore and do.
  • Because every horse I meet makes me a better person.

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