Monday, July 2, 2012

My tack collection obession explained

My trailer bridle rack, holding some of my favorite tools.

 My tack collection obession explained.   

I get it honest.  You see I grew up in a tackaholic horsehold.  Much as other women collect and cherish jewelry or shoes, my Mom was and still is all about bits and leather.  Growing up with her (a skilled amateur trainer) I was always taught to use the right tool for the job, and that the right tool may be different for each horse so it is important to have options.  So I grew up with a tackroom filled with bits and bridles of every kind imaginable with all being useful and important in some form or fashion.  Some pieces were there because she wanted to study them further, others because she wanted to try them, some were there because they were great and just not needed at the time, and others still were there simply because they should never be used again (abusive/inhumane bits, we collect them to educate people and to keep them away from horses).

Simply put every piece in both our collections has been collected with care and consideration.  So the next time you think our tack rooms or trailers are cluttered just remember that for some horsepeople every piece has a purpose.

P.S. - Thanks Mom you did raise me right.  (I think she has finally figured out how to access this thing)

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