Monday, April 1, 2013

Equestrian Spring Cleaning Checklist

Wildflowers are sprouting, the weather (in Texas) is heating up, and the horses are finally shedding.  It seems that spring has officially sprung and with spring comes a great time for some equestrian style spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning To Do List-

1. Wash and put away all winter blankets.

2. Clean grooming tools.  (A bucket of water with several tablets of denture cleaner does a great job at cutting the grim, I then rinse and soak them in a diluted bleach solution, rinse again and let them dry in the sun)

3. Wash/rinse all saddle pads, sport boots, and other similar items.  (I do not wash my sport boots and a pads with soap.  Instead I rinse them very thoroughly with a sharp stream of water and hang them out in the sun to dry)

4.  Oil and clean all leather tack.

5.  Scrub out all troughs and buckets.  (You can do this with just water or a diluted bleach solution and a stiff brush, rinse thoroughly!)

6. Sort and evaluate all medications, lotions, potions, and other bottled products. (check expiration dates, be sure all products are still the appropriate consistency)

7. Consider your fly control options and methods and put them in place.  With spring comes the flies and with the rain comes mosquitoes.

8.  Evaluate, organize, and restock (or clean out) your first aid supplies.

9.  Do a thorough walk through of your horse pasture, fencing, and stalls and make note of any all repairs that should be taken care of before the summer heat sets in.  Also be on the look out for hornet/wasp nests that should be treated.

10.  Do a thorough inspection of your horse trailer and be sure that the tires are properly inflated, the lights are working, and be sure that your rig is ready for the trails and horse shows.

11.  Groom your horse(s) and help them shed their itchy winter coat.  After a good grooming hook up the hose and give them a head to tail spring bath.  (Beware of flowery shampoos which may attract bees and flies)

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