Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My favorite questions to ask the Vet

Unexpectedly had to take my cat into the vet this morning.  She peed bloody urine.  Looks to be a kidney infection or kidney stones.

After running the urine analysis the vet came back with two options.  Treat for infection or pursue diagnosing kidney stones.

As any pet parent I was a faced with a tough decision.

So I did as I always do when in these situations-  I asked the Vet "If she were your cat how would you proceed?"  To which he replied that he would first treat for infection.

So we are treating the Jude Kitty for an infection.

I love asking this question because I feel that it help get to the heart of what we all go to the Vet for anyway; to get our pet well again as quickly, easily, painlessly, and cost effectively as possible.

My second favorite question to ask is- "How much is _____ going to cost?"

I ask for pricing before consenting to testing, treatment, or medication.  While I love my animals very much I do not enjoy being surprised at check out.


  1. Yikes, I hope she pulls through alright! Keep us posted.

  2. Thank you for the concern and for joining. She is already doing better.