Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Simple Observations and Personal Ramblings

I may hurt a few feelings but the below thoughts have been floating around in my head for quite some time.

I will never forget being 13 or so at the tack shop and meeting another kid who was bragging to me about having 57 horses.

The girl was very proud to have so many horses to her name but all I could think was "How do you find time to work with 57 horses?"

Over my time training I've noticed a direct correlation to the number of horses a person has and their level of activity with those horses.

You see Equestrians as a whole are a "do more" kind of bunch.  If you ask us what our goals are we will usually say that we want to ride more, show more, and generally just do more.  In all my years I have never heard a horse person say that they wish they had another stall to clean.

A person with 1-2 horses is usually doing quite a bit more (riding, competing, etc), and are pretty satisfied in their "horse life".

A person with 3-4 horses is about 1/4 to 1/2 as active as a person with just 1-2 horses.  They usually want to do more but they have a hard time finding enough time to do so, and often struggle to juggle the training needs of their horses.  

And a person with more than 5+ doesn't usually (in my experience) do much more than care for their horses.  They often have the same wants and goals of the other two groups but very rarely do they get the chance to do them.  They usually have several unbroke and green horses, and may or may not have a reliable horse to ride (one they could trail ride, show, etc).

Forget different disciplines and sports you can really just divide the horse world into two separate groups.

Those who do things with their horses, and those feed them.

How many horses do you have?  Are you doing as much as you would like to with your horses?  Have you made similar observations?  Why do you think this is?

(Please note- All observations are based on a single individual (not family).  I am not against people having lots of horses.  I am against people not fulfilling their equestrian dreams.)


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