Monday, October 13, 2014

No Excuse For The Newbie Excuse

As a horse owner and trainer few phrases truly annoy me.

I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with anyone and everyone interested but the when I hear people make the excuse " I don't know, I'm just a newbie." (when it comes to basic care) without making any real effort to educate themselves it really steams my carrots so to speak. 

This day is age when everyone has a smart phone and that smart phone has nearly the entire scope of horse knowledge known to man via the internet at their fingertips not to mention the countless magazines, books, and other readily available educational sources there is simply no room for the "I don't know/ didn't know any better excuse."

Of course there are often countless different ways to do "X", but most other experienced horse people (trainers, veterinarians, trusted friends, and farriers) are more than willing to help lay out the pro's and con's for each in relation to the newbie's situation.

In the end everyone who chooses to bring a horse into their lives should make every effort to get a firm handle on the basics just some of which include:

* Basic observation of what is normal behavior
* Haltering, leading, and general safe handing skills
* Basic understanding of anatomy and how things should normally look (including what a normal hoof looks like)
*  How to safely pick up and handle hooves
*  Basic first aid and wound assessment
* How to load a horse into a trailer
* When applicable how to drive a truck and trailer
* How and where you can safely tie a horse
* A general understanding of the health maintenance needs of horses (specifically your age of horse)

Knowing this information or knowing how and where to find it can save you time, money, heartache, and even unnecessary pain and suffering for to your beloved horse. 

This is by know means a complete list of things every horse owner should know, but a simple google search when a question arises can usually help fill in the gaps and keep you and horse healthy and happy.  


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