Tuesday, December 2, 2014

When Your Horse Gets In The Way Of You Horse LIfe

When Your Horse Gets In The Way Of Your Horse Life

Equestrians as a whole are a super tough bunch.

Our sport is more consuming (time, energy, money, space, etc) and dangerous than just about every other sport you could choose.

It takes extreme dedication to be an equestrian but unlike most other sports enthusiasts it seems that few equestrians are willing to step out and find the help needed when the going gets tough.

Think about it.  In most sports you start and proceed under the supervision of a professional and yet many equestrians choose to go at it completely alone.

And while the lone wolf approach may be more cost effective (given the high cost of proper horse care and management) many equestrians are missing out on the true joys of the horse as a result.

Signs You Horse Is Getting In The Way Of Your Horse Life

1.  Your horse has way more "quirks" than your friend's horses.

2.  You dread what most people consider to be simple tasks (fly spray, bathing, trailering, etc)

3.  You are unable to fulfill simple goals such as going on a trail ride, months and years after setting them.

4.  You find yourself afraid of what your horse may or may not do.

5.  You find yourself avoiding more things horseback than you actually do.

6.  You find yourself at a roadblock in training/ability and have been unable to break through after several weeks, months, or years of trying.

7.  Your horse seems to add new "quirks" on a regular basis.

8.  You've been doing it such and such way without any sustained/real improvement for weeks, months, or years.

The Solution

Remember that if you are not having fun you might as well not do it at all so seek out help, and stop being complainant in your horse life.

Consult a professional, or attend a clinic.

The relatively small amount of money you spend getting help will be worth it when you are finally able to enjoy your horse and your horse life.

So with the new year soon upon us I challenge you to make the resolution to take back your horse life and see just where the trails may take you.

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