Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"This is your captain speaking..."

"This is your captain speaking..."

Imagine you were about to board a tiny plane to fly across the Himalayan Mountains in inclement weather, and while waiting to board your captain walks up and introduces himself.

He is nervous, tense and down right jumpy, eyes darting around, his handshake limp and damp.  He stutters and bumbles through his pre flight speech.  Using phasing like; "I think", "maybe", and speaks of how he's never seen such weather and how he has only flown this plane one other time.

Now imagine the same scenario but this time the captain calmly walks up, introduces himself in a cool and collected manner.  His handshake is firm and he stands tall as he discusses the upcoming flight.  He uses phases like; "we will", and "I can", and shows little excitement and regard for the outside storm.

Who would you rather fly with?

If you were forced to fly with the nervous captain you would probably (and rightly so) be on edge the entire flight.  And if you flew with the confident captain you might be a little on edge during the turbulents but in general you would feel that your life were in capable hands.

You horse feels the same way about you.

Every time you approach your horse you are approaching as his captain.  Your energy and confidence  or lack there of directly affects the outcome of your ride.

Be strong and be confident.  Be the captain you'd want to fly with.  

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