Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cold weather gear under $40

As an avid trail rider I have spent more than a few days out in absolutely miserable winter weather.  And over the years I have learned that having the right gear can make a world of difference at the end of a 8 hour misting and sleeting day.

Products I love:

Cuddl Duds:

I have worn them for years.  These legging play a huge part in my being able to enjoy hours outside on the colder days.  You can find them at most large clothing stores such as Jcpenney's and various online retailers.

Women's Fleece Earband by Duluth Trading Co:

Now I haven't personally used this yet but can't you just see it fitting under helmets and western hats.  The product reviews are all glowing and with the genius ponytail slot this product looks like it was made for horse people.  
$12.50- $14.50

Men's Shoreman's Ball Cap Ear Warmer:

Made with the same material as the Women's Fleece Earband, this version allows you to wear a ball cap with comfort and ease.  

Women's Duluth Winterproof Gloves:

Now I again have yet to own these gloves but after last year's sleeting episode while out on the trail they are on my must have list before I go on another week long ride. The reviews are once again stellar, and they look like they would be well suited for riding and general barn work.  If anyone is wondering what I would like for Christmas, size large please.

Cabela's Three-Season Jacket:

I love this jacket! I have two that are both a few years old and I would love another in a different color.  It is windproof, fairly waterproof, and it perfect weight for most cold weather in Texas.  In addition to the fabulous colors it is also cut to flatter your figure.  Best of all if you watch the sales you can get one for $20.  Cheap enough that you can have one for barn work and feeding and one for anything else. It is a well made jacket that will last for years to come.   

Women's Fleece Shoreline Gaiter:

Yet another thing I would love to have.  I love scarves but when riding and working they always seem to get in the way.  This thing provides the protection I need without slipping out of place.  Needless to say this gaiter is now on my need before a long winter trail ride list.

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