Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Definition of Quit- Cute Cowboy and Cow Horse Video Edition

It is no big secret that I am a big fan of the working remuda horses and general lifestyle.  When I dream of heaven I picture big beautiful countryside and spending the rest of my days with my equine best friends and family chasing cattle and experiencing nature.  So I naturally know of and follow many of the big ranches and the 6666's in Guthrie, Texas has always been one of my favorites. When I saw that they had horses offered in the AQHA World Show Sale I obviously had to take a peek.  Needless to say I was not disappointed.  

Now while the horse and cowboy are cute they are doing much more than looking pretty. 

When the video starts I see a well balanced rider a top a free moving horse traveling on a straight line (plus or minus a cactus or two) on a loose rein.   The horse is responsibly observing his surroundings and traveling at a steady pace.  The horse and rider are working as a team and neither party is getting in the other's way. 

The next scene is my least favorite but we see some arena work and while not perfect the horse is moving steadily (just a little stiff) but still on a decently loose rein.  If I were in charge I would change his bit.  

Then we get to the cattle pushing scene where both horse and rider are again on a loose rein, working together, and focused on their targets.  The horse obviously knows his job and the cowboy is willing to allow him to do it. The cowboy has quit babying the horse and the horse has willingly become quite self sufficient at his task.  

Next we find the roping scene.  We see a horse ready to do his job but willing to wait and listen to his rider.  We see the chute open and the horse bursts out in a quick but controlled fashion.  He then upon his cowboy catching up and roping the steer positions himself to keep tension on the rope.  

And the best part of the whole movie happens 40 to 48 seconds in.  The cowboy drops his roping rope and gives the horse his head.  The horse immediately drops his head and walks off as if nothing ever happened.  

Both horse and rider quit.

Meaning the rider stopping babying, kicking, and cueing.  He put his hand down and rewarded his good horse by not bothering him.  He gave his horse the chance to work without inference and was rewarded with a horse that did so willing.     

They each trust the other to do his part and as a result each is better able to focus on what they need to do to get the job done.   

Which is why this video is a pretty good definition of what it means to quit and what you can achieve when you do.  


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