Thursday, August 29, 2013

Barn tips, tricks, and other making life easier with horses tidbits

Today I have decided to share some of my horse care tips.  Please feel free to share your tips by leaving a comment and I will add yours to the list.

1.  A cheap adjustable nylon pet collar will keep your hook over the rail buckets in place with a horse that likes to redecorate on a daily basis.

2.  A used dewormer tube works great when you need to give bute or other powdered (crushed pills) medicines.  Just pour your stuff in the tube and add something sticky and sweet to help the medicine go down.  I like to use cheap pancake syrup.

3.  When at shows, on the trail, or other away from home stabling events first lead your horse to water and give them a chance to fill up.  Then haul water to their stall.  Doing this will save you a few sloppy bucket hauls and help ensure that your horse will have throughout the day/night.

4.  Consider your water trough placement and put it in the shade when possible.  Doing so will help your horse drink more water during the summer months.  (If you do not think this is important, leave a bottle of water in the sun and try to drink it.)

5.  Plain old deodorant will help keep a horse from chewing bandages.  I also really like to product Bitter Yuck! that is no toxic and can be sprayed on anything (I taught the then puppy to not eat my patio plants with it). I highly recommend doing something to make it taste bad the first few times you use wraps on a horse.  There is nothing worse than needing a leg wrapped and having horse that tries to remove it.

6.  Bitter Yuck! and other nontoxic cribbing sprays are a great deterrent for tail chewing foals and horses and can safely be applied daily until the behavior becomes extinct.

7.  A large grill cleaning brick is so much cheaper than a for horses bot block and is made from the same material.

8.  If you travel with you dog a lot consider making them a on the road tag with the license plates of your trucks and trailers.  This tag could be a lifesaver if you regularly camp in remote areas that do not have reliable cell service. has great slide on tags for just $10.

I will add more as they come to me and others send them in so stay tuned.  :)

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