Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sometimes everyone wins when you finally let go

After 2 years of consideration I finally took the leap and placed my gorgeous gelding Charlie up for sale right before Halloween.

Thankfully he sold very quickly, and a few weeks later I was lucky enough to spend some time with him and his new owner.  While together she once again thanked me for letting him go and made the comment that it must hurt for me to see him with her but I instead honestly thanked her for taking him and giving him such a wonderful home.

You see, Charlie while an absolutely wonderful horse just really was not the right horse for me at this point in time.  He wanted to be my main ride but I already have my main girl with Pie.  He did not enjoy being second best when it was just the two, and now with the addition of 2 new babies last year (1 horse, and 1 human) he found himself way down on the priority list.  Coupled fact that it will be several years before my riding schedule will truly open up (especially since we have plans for more kids) it just didn't seem far to keep such a wonderful and giving horse waiting for so long.

I have seen them a few times since and every time I love the happy look I see on Charlie's face.  He is finally someone's number 1 and he absolutely loves it. He is going places and doing awesome things and I could not  be happier or prouder.

Looking back on the experience my only regret was that I did not choose to move him sooner.  Horses should be enjoyed but the enjoyed horses should also be happy.  And frankly through no fault of our own neither one of us were completely satisfied with our relationship and hadn't been for over a year.  He wanted all my time, and I didn't have enough to give which always left me feeling guilty.  Would we have worked in another time and place? Probably, But we did make it work for 4 wonderful years.  We learned a lot from each other, and are both better as a result of the time we spent together.

But at the end of the day he is happy with a dotting Mom who thinks the world of him, and I am able to once again enjoy my horse time without feeling guilty.  Sometimes every one wins when you decide to let go.      


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