Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Mozzie!- First Year Stats

Mozzie had a birthday last week.  He officially turned 1 year old on the 16th.
Just arrived.

11 days old

It's funny how you can remember your life through horses.

I was born in the Jet Era of my Mother's life.  She was a big bright sorrel with a star.  My mother bought her as a 2 year old and trained her from the beginning.  She was about 8 when I arrived and had my first ride on her at 3 months of age.

Well Mozzie marks the beginning of my "Having Horses with Children" Era because just 1 month and 1 day after his birth his human little sister was also born.  He joins in the Pie Era (since 2003) and barely over lapped the Charlie Era (2009-2013 (sold)).
Dec 2013

His first year has been quite an adventure to say the least.
Dec 2013

His first year stats as of 4/16/14 are:
Stands: 13.2 1/2
Weights: 750lb
Color: Chestnut
Status: Gelding (as of Feb 11)
Hauled: Over 10 times
Traveled: Over 1300 miles
Has been easily haltered: too many times to count
Has been tied up: too many times to count
Has been bathed with soap: 4 times
Has stabled away from home overnight: 8 nights
Hooves trimmed: 8 times
Has been to the vet: 3 times (for scheduled care)
Lived in: 2 different locations
Lived with: 5 different herds (horse combinations)
Clinics attended/participated in: 5
Wounds/injuries requiring care: 3
Trail rides attended: 1

And with that I must say.  Happy happy birthday to the most wonderful and handsome 4-legged son I could have ever asked for. I'm so happy that you're in my life and I so look forward to our future adventures. 
Love you Mozzie Man!

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