Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Right Person For The Job

You wouldn't go to your primary care physician for a toothache.

You would go to a dentist because he would have the training, equipment, and daily practice to do the best job possible.

While you should a have good working relationship a primary Veterinarian there is nothing wrong with seeking out the best care possible when it comes to your horse's health.

I trust several different people to help me treat my animals.

There is a equine hospital near by I go to for colic and severe wounds (one of 3 major hospitals in Texas with reasonable prices with vets who deal with extreme cases on a daily basis).  I see different Vet for osteopathy/ body work and holistic care.  And yet another Vet who focuses exclusively on equine dentistry.

All are the best at what I use them for.

Because they do what they are known for all the time.

They don't float teeth once a week, they float 15+ horses a day.

You would choose a specialist for yourself.  Why should your horse be any different?

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