Friday, January 6, 2012

A few of my favorite things

Every once in a while we come across a neat new product or trick which makes horsekeeping just a little easier, or better.  Today I am going to share a few of my favorites.
Dura-Tech® Slow Feed Hay BagExtra Large Nylon Hay Bag

Dura-Tech slow feeder hay bags is the next generation of net hay bag instead of the traditional wide enough to catch a hoof and drop all the hay design the Dura-Tech slow feeder holds a good amount of hay, and has smaller holes which keeps waste to a minimum, and it really does slow down a horse making you hay last twice as long.  It is the only hay bag I use and they hold up great, I found it after learning that my new gelding would rip open the cloth hay bags.  I needed something strong and safe and and this hay bag fits the bill.
I love them so much that I have 4 bags with only 2 horses.  It is great for stalled horses, overnight trips, and those laid up with an injury.  Once you try one you will never go back.

No Thrush
We all have had to deal with thrush, and the nasty smelly products used to treat it.  We now have a solution. No Thrush is amazing; no smell, no liquid, no coat stains.  It is easy to apply, and it actually works.  This is the only thrush product that I use these days, and it sure is nice to not spend your day all smelly and green.    

I prefer my horses barefoot as much as possible.   When I do want to trail ride in rough terrain I use the Simple Hoof Boots,  I have boots for both horses and they easy to use, they don't rub, and are extremely durable.  I have used them to help transition a horse from shoes out in the pasture without any problems.  

Next we have the Professional's Choice boot covers.  I own some myself and they do a great job out on the trail, even against that awful sticky spear grass.  Now when out on the trail my horses are protected and my expensive sport boots are too.  

Classic High Handle (52551-444 9 M)
Horse owners are dedicated people.  We get up and go out to feed rain or shine, and we are notorious for not taking care of ourselves.  These boots make life when it is muddy 1,000 times easier, especially if you have extreme mud problems.  You are worth it!  I have had my pair for 2 years, and they turned my rainy feeding nightmare around by allowing me to walk through the worst mud without getting stuck and falling.  

These pants are a staple for my winter feeding.  While they are made for hunting they work equally well for cold weather horse chores.  I just slip them over my pjs in the morning and go feed.  They are warm, windproof, and waterproof.  If the weather is really bad I will even ride in them.  Once you get a pair you will wonder how you ever lived without them.    

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