Thursday, January 19, 2012

Slow Feeding- Hay Net Comparison Chart

With rising hay prices and the uncertain rainfall most horse owners are looking for ways to cut costs all while providing the best forage possible.  One way to cut costs is by using a slow feeding hay net.  While searching the web this week I found Paddock Paradise's awesome hay net comparison chart.   This wonderful chart covers all the mainstream commercial nets along with simple homemade options.

They even have pictures and videos of homemade slow feeders here.

  As a result I ordered a UV coated well rated hockey net to cover my next round bale.  I'm hoping that with the net I will be able to once again offer free choice hay while doubling my bale's lifespan.  I will document my new net information and will share my results soon.  

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  1. I took your earlier advice and ordered tight-mesh hay bags for my horses who overnight in their runs. They eat about the same amount in 12 hours, but there is a lot less on the floor. Like almost nothing. Thanks!