Monday, June 17, 2013

An Explanation

I apologize for not writing with much regularity the past few months.

I may have not shared that I've been pregnant with my first child and have not been able to sit at my desk comfortably since February. And while I was still working up until a few days before my delivery (I actually had a lesson scheduled for the day that she arrived) getting my ideas down hasn't been as easy.

Thankfully my new riding/training partner was born May 17th (She shall be known as LL here on the blog) and I start back to work this week her in tow which should get the creative juices flowing once again as I take on training and coaching now with the twist of also juggling motherhood.

In the next few months I also hope to take this blog to a more personal level as I begin this next chapter of my training career.

So please stay tuned it promises to be an interesting ride.