Friday, November 14, 2014

The KISS Method

The KISS method also known as Keep It Simple, Stupid Method works wonders in the horse world.

Just last night I blanketed the Mozzie Man (19 months old this month) for the first time this season.  It took 2 cookies, a halter, and a total of 20 seconds to complete because I first set myself up for success by putting on the halter.

Could I have blanketed him without the halter?  Most likely, but it surely wouldn't have been a crisp, quick, and clean as with the halter.

Will I eventually blanket him without a halter?  Of course, but I will not even attempt to do so until I am 150% sure that I can.  Be it this season or the next eventually he will blanket like every other horse I own.

But until then I would rather take a halter out with me and spend a few seconds tying it than spend an hour or two trying to catch, calm, and undo all the trauma of a horse running all over the pasture with a blanket half on because I tried to rush his training with shortcuts


Monday, November 10, 2014

The Subtle Rider- Stages of riding ability

There are several stages or levels when it comes to riding, each one building on the next.

There is the absolute beginner hold on like hell and try not to die stage.

Right after you find the hands only- ride like a old school western stage.

Next is the hands first, legs second stage.

After is the legs first, hands second stage.

And lastly you find the subtle rider- subtly riding with the whole body first, legs second, and hands last stage.

The subtle rider understands that a simple twist or lift of the hip, slight change in seat position, or weight distribution can be all that is needed to communicate volumes to their horses.

The subtle rider has achieved a true understanding of bio mechanics and how they can use their bodies to positively influence their horses without looking like they are doing a thing.

The subtle rider rides with the horse and is the rider we should all strive to be.

Which rider are you?