Sunday, November 18, 2012

Food for thought- Sometimes I just can't shut up

Today I happened upon the Mugwump Chronicles and her post "Sometimes I just can't shut up" and I really enjoyed what she had say.

Over the past 6 years training I have to admit that I have personally come to many of the same conclusions.

As long as a person is; trying, doing the best they know how by their horse, and is willing to learn they are always welcome here and in my real life. 

When I started training I made the commitment to teach and treat others as I want to be treated and spoken to and this philosophy has given me the chance to make a real difference in the lives of numerous horses and their owners.  I train/teach because I enjoy helping people grow, but I also realize that everyone grows at their own pace.

I realize that because someone does not do it exactly as I do it that it does not always make them wrong.  Sure, their horse life might be better if they did a few things more like me, but maybe my horse life would be better if I did things more like them. I might mention a great article on hoof care, saddle fit, or feeding; and if things are getting out of hand I will nicely confront someone.  But at the end of the day if a horse is not being staved, beaten, or abused and is instead truly loved we have enough in common to work together and be friends.        

True horsemanship is not about calling names or pointing fingers; it's about sharing, caring, and being nice to one another.

Sometimes we forget that we all had to start somewhere.

Sometimes we forget that we are ALL in it for the love of horses.