Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fall Is Just Around The Corner- Prepping for Winter

It will be Fall in just a few days.

And while most of us are still feeling the dog days of summer, now is the perfect time to prepare for winter.  Here are a few things to do in the next few weeks to help make the seasonal transition smooth and easy on you and your best friends.

1.  Check your water heaters and be sure they are working.  And consider buying one if you don't have one, they are awesome for encouraging steady water consumption.  Even if you only have freezing temps few times a year like I do, you'll sleep much better at night knowing the tough is a drinking temp.

2.  Check your blankets, and confirm they are indeed still waterproof before it's miserable out.  And check blanket fit too, especially if you have young growing horse(s).

3.  Consider your horse/ herd's health.  Older and younger horses may need extra blanketing, feed, hay, and or separate feeding/housing arrangements.  If your horse is in less than ideal body condition take measures to correct it before the dead of winter strikes.

4.  Check your own personal gear.  Locate your jackets, long johns, and gloves and check there condition.  When the water line breaks in the first major storm you'll be happy to have your gear in ready to go shape.

5.  Check your trailer, truck, and coggins.  Since fall marks the start riding season now is a great time to go ready to go.  Keeping a copy of your coggins on your phone can

6.  Clean your brushes, saddle, and saddle blankets.  After a summer of sweat, grim, and fly spray they deserve it and your horse does too.  And regular cleaning throughout the year will help cut down on skin conditions especially if you groom/ride multiple animals.

How to clean your brushes.
How to clean your saddle pads.

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