Thursday, September 15, 2016

What I Really Get Out Of A Clinic

I started the 3 year old Mozzie Man this month.  We are a few rides in due to life and rain but I am already seeing the foundation that attending clinics all his life has provided.

At 3 years of age he knows how to spook responsibly.

He knows how to spend the day tied, away from his friends, work around strange horses, and stay overnight in a pen or high tie.

Because of the clinics and the challenges they present (every time) he knows how to work through an obstacle.  

Because of clinics he has confidence in people and seeks/listens to their guidance.

Because of clinics he can quickly refocus on a task after an upset/distraction.

Because of clinics and his exposure to dozens of spooky things he is confident and bold approaching new challenges.

Because of clinics I have a fairly well seasoned horse for his age.

But what about clinics makes them so beneficial that I excitedly go back time and time again?

Because you get do it "all" at a clinic.

Because you get to catch, load, travel, arrive at a new location with lots of other unknown horses, log hours of riding time in a training environment, do group and solo exercises, take a lunch break and tie (or pen) for it, and do it all again in the afternoon. Stay for the night in a new place among new people and animals or haul home, and get up and do it all again for two days or more.

Because what I really get out of a clinic is a chance to do it "all" in a encouraging and understanding environment.

Because I've found that doing it "all" always makes a better horse.

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